360-degree family wellness

Parenting was always hard...

...then 2020 hit. We see you. We’re parents too. What if there was a way for our families to thrive no matter what?
Enter The Family Thrive. Think groundbreaking online platform with bite-sized hits of expert wellness wisdom, deep dives into what matters most, and a community that has your back. We’ll be launching in early 2021!

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Together, we thrive

The Family Thrive is a groundbreaking online platform for busy families looking to live their best lives.

Trusted Experts
Trusted Experts

We get it. You’re busy. Our online platform combines quick hits of wisdom with deep-dive courses, all backed by the latest science to give you the most impact in the least time.

Supportive Community
Supportive Community

We tailor our online community experience so you connect with people who really get where you’re at, because they’re right there with you.

In-App Live Events
In-App Live Events

Get in on a virtual cooking class with a top chef, a mindfulness session with a great teacher, or a Q&A with a family relationship expert.

Progress not perfection

(’Cuz perfect isn’t even an actual thing)

We believe thriving starts when we get real and show up exactly as we are. No Instagram filters, just your beautiful self and the spaghetti sauce on the wall.

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Family cooking a meal
Crackers on Floor

Sam’s floor art project
Cracker on wood, 2020

Holistic family wellness for busy parents

Our thriving family pillars

Bowl of Salad

Expert nutrition science plus fast, delicious, family-friendly recipes and live cooking classes.

A heart growing

Nurture mind, heart, and spirit with research-backed strategies and tested wisdom.

A sun rising

Science-backed sleep, exercise and whole-body wellness tactics with support to help you take action.

Smilie faces

Using research-based skills and wisdom to enrich and deepen our most important relationships.

Real. Unfiltered. Useful.

Practical, science-based tips on

mindfulness for busy parents

nutrition and food hacks

quality sleep

relationship building

A community of experts

(And parents who keep learning, just like you)

The Family Thrive started with one family, who in their toughest moment, made the pact that changed everything: Their family was going to thrive—no matter what.

After that we realized how great it would be if EVERY family had the know-how and practical tools to thrive and we collected a similarly obsessed group of doctors, researchers, dieticians and therapists.

Colin Champ, MD

Physician, Integrative
Family Wellness

Nadia Torres-Eaton, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist,
Mental & Emotional Healing

Justin Wilford, PhD

Educator, Lifestyle Medicine

Lexi Hall

Lexi Hall, RD

Registered Dietitian,
Culinary Medicine

Maria Rodriguez Berrera, LAc

Acupuncturist, Traditional Healing Modalities

Inanna Moon

Breathwork and Meditation Teacher

Our vision: Revenue from The Family Thrive will fund 100% of the overhead at MaxLove Project, which helps families thrive in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

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